Smart mezzanines give a property an extra floor. Combine with flexible wall systems, mobile offices, and stable customized staircases adapted to specific demands of size and shape.


A wide range of pallet racks and warehouse inventory items solves most industrial storage needs. Supplement with tool cabinets in various different designs and a wide range of plastic storage boxes.


We are now recognized as a strong player within sheet metal processing and have complete lines for cutting, punching, bending and forming of sheet metal, as well as robot welding and painting of different materials.

New self-produced mezzanine beam

A mezzanine give your premises an extra floor in situations where you need more space for storage or machines. LAGERKOMPONENTER has over the years delivered a large number of mezzanines to Swedish industries.


New company name

14th of june former Robust Komponenter will change name to LAGERKOMPONENTER I NORDEN AB. The change will be followed by a new logotype, a new upgraded web page and new e-mail addresses to our staff.